Franchise India Holdings — positive and friendly work culture

The importance of reviews to any business house cannot be ignored. Reviews can make or mar the image of any company. While genuine and positive reviews serve as necessary fuel to propel the growth of a company, fake and negative complaints raise motley of questions regarding the company’s business model, its authenticity and the credibility it enjoys in the market.

Different business houses promote their businesses differently, some even resorting to purchase of fake positive reviews to boost their trade. There are others, however, who engage in posting fraudulent reviews on popular websites catering to the maximum target audience with the malicious intent to mislead maximum number of customers or prospective investors. Fake reviews posted simultaneously, anonymously and in a similar fashion gradually swell in number, thus, assuming the pattern and effect of fake news with a quality to give birth to unwarranted myths and misconceptions.

Some examples of fake reviews that had misled many customers in the past and still continue to deceive some website users include reviews published as employee reviews. With not even an iota of truth contained in them, these are reviews published hostile elements superficially posing as former or current employees of the company. The level of belligerence is evident in fake customer reviews under the guise of franchise india customer feedback discussing about how they were cheated off their money by the company.

Franchise india, in all earnest, had attempted to respond to all queries and reviews till the management officials realized that they were dealing with a deluge of fake reviews published and shared to mar its image. The company officials were able to identify the fake from the real and preferred to reply to only complaints that they realised as genuine. A conscious choice was made to ignore fake feedback. Testimonials bearing evidence to the unique and unparalleled business strategies of the company and the benefits that it provides can be read in the franchise india employee reviews that have described the company’s policies as employee-friendly and pragmatic backed by a positive and friendly work culture.

Franchise india holdings is a brand that has managed its standing in the market owing to years of experience and expertise of the management coupled with goodwill of its customers and investors. Years of goodwill that the company has earned has shielded it from malevolent intentions of its competitors till date. Ready to face both bouquets and brickbats such as the recent slew of franchise india feedback, the company has lunged forward towards progress each year unmindful of what its competitors say or do.

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