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Mr Sachin Marya is the Publisher and CEO of Franchise India. An architect by qualification, Mr Marya was always fascinated with the entrepreneurship. So, he chased his dream, this resulted in the franchising marvel called Franchise India. His determination to serve the industry is just commendable and his sense of business is unparalleled. Today he is a well-known name in the industry and a public figure as well. But recently Mr Marya was in the limelight for the negative vibe.With the increasing popularity, the competition in the market is also increasing. This has given birth to certain conspiracies by the rivals.

This is the reason you will come across Sachin Marya complaints about the news and different platforms. Several rumours are spread to defame him and raise negativity of the company. However, there are no real grounds for the complaints and all of them are just to attract clients towards the other available options in the market. This is the real example of how the power of the internet is used to spread the negativity against the individual and organisation. You can easily encounter some negative feedbacks, complaints and reviews from both Sachin Marya and the organisation over the popular platforms.

Sachin Marya complaints and alerts do not mean you should just jump to the conclusion. You need to analyse the facts closely and understand these rumours and the actual reason for the complaints. You should understand that despite so many negative reviews and complaints there is no legal case against him. This will definitely strike your mind that why the feedbacks are surfacing. The main reason is the growing popularity and competitive that the company is providing to the other rivals in the industry. Since the establishment of the company in 1999, we have never seen any negative feedback or complaints.

In past few months, this is a planned and well-managed conspiracy to develop a doubt in the minds of people and force them to look for the alternatives in the market for the Franchise India. Thus, if you are looking for some best deals and contracts, do not get blown by these negative reviews. Just make a research and know the real facts prevailing in the market. You will notice that none of the genuine user or consumer posted these feedbacks. This clears that this is all just to dent the image of the company. So be careful of such negativity spreading in the market about this brand and CEO.

There were a series of complaints published against Franchise India and Mr Marya as well in the form of Sachin Marya Complaints and Franchise India Complaints These complaints feature an array of things like the company not delivering, employees being rude, and also tainted it as a fraud. But before you jump to a conclusion, we should get our facts right. These complaints are nothing but the internet’s black magic to hurt the company’s goodwill. All these complaints share a similar origin. They are either featured on Facebook or some B grade websites, and we cannot rely on those. Another thing is that all these complaints are repetitious and share the same tone and language, which implies the same person wrote them.

After knowing all this now is the time to conclude, clearly Franchise India is a victim of negative publicity. All these Sachin Marya Complaints are some competitors attempt to harm the company’s name, and what better than to pull the shots at the face of the company.

Don’t just take our word but look at the facts; there are no legal complaints against the companies. If the company was so bad, all the employees and the CEO is fraud why isn’t anyone taking some action. There are no complaints because there is no crime committed. Again, the hype for the company surfaced just recently, and it spread like wildfire. How is that if the company was poorly performing for so many years, people are complaints at this very moment and with such ferocity? The premise of this entire news and negative charges is fragile form the core.

To know who the company and Mr Sachin Marya is, we recommend you to read the testimonials. The testimonials are from the true clients featuring their experience with the company. Franchise India is in business for almost two decades they have a lot of clients and business matters at hand, if it were the company the rumours say it is, it would have perished a long time before.

Although they are in the business for a long time, they need a lot more to grab the Indian market as the concept is premature here. These false complaints make survival hard and tarnish the budding industry’s reputation. Mr Sachin Marya’s new business model has recreated the conventional business model with a new money savvy approach. It will take time to settle and rise after such inevitable internet tsunami, but don’t worry there are no wounds just bruises, nothing which cannot be fixed.

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