Franchise India — worst company, do not join at alllll

Hello all,
If you are searching for a job and you want to spend sometime working, franchise India is the best place for you. Here 365 days hiring happens. So do not worry. As people here come and go. I joined this organisation's marketing department when i lost my job due to demonetisation. I saw all those posts before joining. And i was very much sure that i can loose my job at any moment. So i started searching another job from the day one. I tool hike from here and joined somewhere else at greater salary. Well that what i have done.
I[censored] ask about this company, i would say that whatever people have written bad about this organisation is a truth and nothing else. They are the cheaters. I heard a lot of name so called word marketing driven company. I just would say something which very important. They do not do anything in marketing. Yes they overly charge from the brands in account of marketing but they just do bulk sms blast of quanitity of 30000 SMSs. Which cost them approx 3000 rs. As per sms cost is rs 1 paisa per sms. They have done barter deal with times of india and they have given their equity to them and they pay them 65:35 barter ratio. It says if ad costs approx 1 lac then they would pay only 35k and rest amount will be adjusted in the barter deal. In that ad they take 40 to 50 brands. And they charge from each brand by saying that ur ad will come in TOI. Now the catch here is that they make huge money from their cheat mind in name of marketing. Just imagine if they charge one lac from one brand how much they get from all. Their investment on ad is just a peanut in comparison of their earning. They book the venues where they do events in Rs 20 to 30k. And they charge entry fee of rs 500 from every visitor from where they recover venue booking cost and most of the time they earn from that too. They fire people without giving any notice. Gaurav Marya is a big time chor. Thug lutera. MD sonya chaudhary she is another mahila chor. They do not respect their employees. In fect they do not have pantry inside. So u have to eat ur lunch on open roof. They serve poor quality tea. Jisme paani mila hota hai. Office infrastructure is nothing. Infect they do not have basic asset like laptop or desktop to offer their employees. People bring their own laptops for official work. Trust me everything is truth and nothing else. Ye kai lagi bottles me paani dete hai. Chai ke glass tute hue hai. Okhla ki sadi si building me inka office hai. Full of negativity. They just make fool. Superbchor…gaurav marya is natwarlal. Durgesh accounts head is a bloody uneducated chor..::all frauds…They fire people on whatsapp.

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