FranchiseIndia — Looting the budding entrepreneurs

They are the most unprofessional company I have ever faced. Their sales team makes falls promises, showcases exclusive franchising rights for the most reputed brands in the market in all sectors and traps people for registration looting a handsome amount of Rs. 17000. They take this money stating that we will create your profile and send it to various brands and since you want to start-up a business its a very small amount. Once you are trapped, they don't even call you for a month, stating their team is busy. Now, they allot a CRM to you who is not at all aware about the brands you were promised in delhi region. They would shamelessly inform you that sales guys don't have info, these brands are not available in Delhi. If you want, you can look for locations like sonipat, panipat, karnal etc. After immense disgust, if you ask okay let me have a meeting with the brand for those far off locations, they would shamelessly tell you, let us contact the brand and they would not return for months. If you try to tell the CRM what was promised to you, beware they might get angry. Its been more than a year, they never made any profile or made my site visit.
Their sales person Aditya will never pick your call again. Their CRM's are most unprofessional and their VP Priyanka is least concerned and topibaj.
I would urge all budding entrepreneurs not to fall in their trap, eg if you want educational brands they would say they are not available in delhi after signup. After an year or if they have the mood, they would google very new brands in delhi who are doing SEO and send you the names that these are available. Even if you ask arrange a meeting with these startup/unknown brands, they would never get back to you as they have not taken their service. Biggest looters, they loot these brands as well as many people shared their experiences, sell them false promises we will make you big and expand your business by franchizing and once they give registration fees they don't contact back.
Beware aspiring entrepreneurs
Ashish Bhardwaj

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