Frankfinn Institute Of Air Hostess Training — frankfinn institute fraud, they harass their employees & make them bonded labour

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I, meetu verma am constrained to file the present complaint against my employer – frankfinn institute of airhostess training,, having its registered office at 201, suneja tower-ii, district centre, janakpuri, new delhi-110058 & having its corporate office at 5th floor, tower b, unitech cyber park, gurgaon sector 39, gurgaon – 122001 and my complaint is against names (Mr. Kulwinder singh kohli (Founder & non-executive chairman), mr. R. S. Kohli (Non-executive director), mr. Anshul gauba (Director), ms. Kriti luthra (Agm), ms. Rashmi singha (Gm hr).

The facts are as under:

1. In response to the 3 different email invites dated 3rd, 10th and 12th december 2018 sent to me by vikrant chaudhary, who was then executive hr at that point of time at frankfinn institute. He told me to come for interview on 15th december 2019 at frankfinn institute. I told him that i am not interested but he kept on convincing me to come for the interview on 15th dec 2018 at the above mentioned address. Post that i was called four more times for personal interview.

Thereafter on 16th january 2019, the said institute emailed me the offer letter for the post of dgm corporate relations and industrial collaborations, as i am having 15 years of work experience in banking and education sector. My linkedin profile and i am having 30, 000 corporate connections globally
I have been working for the fresher placements in hospitality, airlines, healthcare, retail, banking, it, non-it, ites, automobile, financial, media, telecom and fmcg sectors. I have expertise of international exchange programs with colleges and universities in usa, uk, canada, australia, and europe.

As per the offer letter, i was supposed to join on 1st feb 2019, and i was told to bring all my documents and a blank cheque for opening a salary account at the time of joining. At the time of interview & in the offer letter, nothing was mentioned to me about the undertaking/bond to be signed by me or giving them any cheque of rs.15lacs. Moreover, it is not even mentioned in the appointment letter also.

2. I joined the said institute on 1st feb 2019, where they forcefully and under undue influence made me to sign the undertaking/bond and took the undated cheque of rs.15 lacs fraudulently by mr. Anshul gauba at the instructions of mr. Ks kohli & rs kohli. He had told me to bring a blank cheque for account opening purpose. But he misused it and said that as per the company policy and as the joining formalities, i will have to sign the bond and give the said 15lacs cheque as the security purpose of not leaving the company for the period of 2 years. He further assured me that all the senior management members have to undergo these rules at the time of joining and he further assured me by saying that nothing will happen to the cheque as it just a tool to make people work with the company at least for two years and if someone leaves the company before 2 years, they will as per the undertaking then put the cheque for clearance.

Putting such a clause and taking such a large amount is void-ab-initio in itself, as it was never informed to me before at the time of interviews and in the offer letter also, but as i had resigned from my old company, and was out of job, i had to sign the same under tremendous mental pressure. Since i was determined to work with all my dedication and had no intentions of leaving my job before 2 years. Mr. Anshul gauba misrepresented the facts and with malafide intentions took my signatures on the bond and he also took the security check of rs.15 lacs from me by fraud for extorting the money from me and harass me at my work place.

3. They did not even let me read all the terms & conditions of the said undertaking/bond and told me that i will get the undertaking and the appointment letter at my home address by courier in couple of days. Under these forcefully made me to sign the undertaking/bond and gave the undated cheque of rs.15 lacs under coercion and undue influence on the false assertion that it is just a formality and nothing will be done with my cheque, it is just a security of me not leaving the job before 2 years.

4. The appointment letter was sent after 15 days at my residence, without enclosing the copy o[censored]ndertaking/bond. I was shocked to see the clause of termination in the appointment letter, which no one had explained to me ever before. I objected to the contents of the appointment letter with hr, they refused to listen and threatened me that as i have already been working for the last 15 days now nothing can be done and moreover it is just a joining of me repeatedly requesting my employer to provide, a copy o[censored]ndertaking/bond, the same is not given till date. Not putting the clause o[censored]ndertaking/bond and cheque of rs. 15lacs, in the offer letter goes to prove the malafide intentions and mischievous act of them, since the very beginning.
Moreover, in the appointment letter also, there is no mention of giving a cheque of rs.15lacs. Normally if such clauses are there, the candidate is to be informed at the time of interview and it must be mentioned in the offer letter. However in my case the amount of rs.15lacs cheque is way more than any explanation which they have taken from me under immense pressure, with wrong intentions of extorting money from an employee and that to on the pretext that it is just a joining formality.

5. It is pertinent to mention herein that, no expense was incurred on providing training to me. I was given just an in-house induction of various departments by a training manager – mr. Santosh, who is employed by the company at the institute address mentioned above. Moreover, i have 15 years of work experience and my job role was not technical, it was to meet the general managers, hr managers of 5 star hotels and invite them for interviews by getting job openings, they have. Therefore no technical training was ever required or given by them.

6. That everything was going on to their decisions and directions and i never objected to them, until i was made to travel out of station at odd hours, knowingly well that i am a single mother coming from noida to gurgaon. On 9th may 2019, i was told to travel from delhi to mumbai at odd and unsafe hours, i. E at 1am and 4am. I requested, mr. Anshul gauba on 7th may 2019, by email to change the timing of the travel, as i am a single mother and live alone with my son and at such odd hours, it is very unsafe to travel alone, but he never helped me. Further in mumbai i was made to stay for 3 days at a very shady hotel oyo townhouse, 058, b nagar, andheri east, mumbai, where the entire floor was empty and the hotel renovations were going on. I felt very unsafe during these days, and in night time i had to put my bed in front of the door so that no one could enter the room while, i was asleep.

7. When i returned from mumbai, i was being treated like a slave, and was made to do whatever mr. Anshul gauba as instructed by mr. Ks kohli & mr. Rs kohli told me to do. As i had already signed the undertaking/bond under pressure by him, i kept quiet and kept on working at the whims and fancies of the said persons. This is an inhuman treatment which amounts to unlawful compulsory labour amounting to bonded labour.

8. On 1stmay, 6th may & 7th may 2019, i had emailed mr. Anshul gauba to give me a team member, as i had 50 branches to take care and it was very difficult, for me to work alone and cater to pan india locations. But he never helped me. As they just employed me to cheat and steal all my data and then wrongfully terminate me.

9. After working for the whole week from (3rdjune 2019 to 7th june 2019), on saturday 8th june 2019, which was a weekly off, and there was no work in office, i was being called just to waste time and gossip by mr. Mukul, the consultant and mr. Anshul gauba, as they liked humiliating and harassing me when there were very less people in the office, i was told by mr. Anshul gauba, very rudely that i will have to come to office for 7 days a week, if required. And as i was told to go to bangalore for 5 days on 9th june i. E. Sunday; i requested them to give me one day weekly off, as i was not well and had to travel out of station for next 5 days. Also i felt very unsafe going to office on a weekly off day, as very less people would be there.

10. I told them that they had done fraud by taking the undertaking and a security cheque and now are forcing me to work for 7 days a week and also have made me to travel during odd hours, which violate my legal, safety & human rights.

11. In-spite of listening to me, hr – ms. Rashmi singha sent me a show cause notice for not coming to office on saturday-8thjune 2019. On a weekly off day. There after i emailed them the reply mentioning, that everywhere 1 weekly off is given and as i was required to travel on sunday-9th june 2019, therefore i requested for weekly off for 8th june 2019.

12. Hr. Rashmi singha told me to send them an unconditional apology or else she would force me to resign. The hr compelled me via email to send the apology on different points. Therefore i was forced to send an unconditional apology by email on 10th june 2019. Post that i kept on emailing the hr. & mr. Anshul gauba to send me tickets. But they did not send me to bangalore, as they wanted to humiliate me on this issue and they ultimately did. On 13th june 2019, they all (Mr. Anshul gauba, mr. Ks kohli, mr. Rs kohli & ms. Rashmi gauba) had a meeting with me for 2 hours and they all threatened me that, as they have my signed undertaking/bond and my security cheque of rs.15 lacs, under no circumstances whatsoever i can say no to any kind of work given to me at any time or day. And if i ever do say no to their orders, they will put me behind the bars and as i am a single mother i must take care that what will happen of my son. That day, after coming out of the meeting, i could not stop my tears, which kept on coming out of my eyes that whole office staff kept on asking me that, why was i crying so much. They have cctv cameras, and this can be seen from the footage. As, i well understood, by then, the situation and the fact that, i was cheated and trapped in this institute for 2 years. Thereafter, i continued to work at the office, as per the instructions of my seniors.

13. On 29th june 2019, as i had already complained mr. Anshul gauba, on various occasions, that placement managers of all the branches, where i had introduced my clients, were now contacting my hr managers and general managers, and were taking the job openings from them directly, without even informing me. They were actually stealing my data, that too the total number of openings stolen from my new clients was around 100 in each month, starting from march 2019. Ms. Kriti lithra (Agm-placements) had instructed all her team members to directly contact my clients and take the openings directly. As mr. Anshul did nothing about it, i had to email the complaint to the management, but no one helped me out, as now i understand thoroughly that the data was being stolen from me by the management itself.
On 12th august, i emailed the job opening report to mr. Anshul guaba, telling him the facts and my concern that, the job openings brought by me in last 6 months was 3786 and selections was only 151. Rejections number was 3635 which the institute is facing will bring the brand value down. Due to this, my clients will stop coming for the interviews, therefore they must increase the quality of the students, i also presented him various ways to do so, but nothing ever happened. As their motive was to steal all my data and remove me.

14. On 8th aug, 2019 the hr had again sent me a show cause notice, by email on false grounds and wrong reason, saying that i have done a fraud by writing the wrong number of openings myself for the hotel – golden swan group in mumbai. On 8th aug, 2019 i replied them, that as i work in a corporate relations, normally when i bring job openings the hr either emails me and/or verbally tells the number of openings, and i write it down and forward the same to the placement department, which is the practice in all the centers. As the above mentioned hotel has 7 branches, after emailing the job opening, hotel hr told me that they have lot many number of openings for internships and placements. As per my talk with the hotel hr and general manager, i had written the number of openings, and if they want i can make the hotel hr or general manager send the email to them directly or make them talk. Till date not even a single candidate has gone for the interview at the same hotel mentioned abroad, which proves that they are not interested in sending their candidates for jobs, but are more interested in looting their own employees.
I kept on calling and mailing the hr for the next action to be taken by me, but ms. Rashmi singha never gave any response to my emails and told me to continue working till they decide the next course of action. On 16th aug 2019, a wrongful and illegal termination notice was sent to me. It was very clear by now that after stealing all my data in six months and in-spite of their horrifying & inhuman behavior when i never resigned from the job, the management has picked up an issue to basically terminate me just to extort money from me. I had not given them any kind of knowledge, business or financial loss / damages whatsoever and no cost has ever been put on me by the, i was told by mr. Anshul gauba to increase the total number of openings and email the same to placement agm for few of the brand names like reliance, american express, so that more and larger numbers of candidates apply for the jobs.

15. Thus having tortured me by sending show cause notices alleging false accretions and unfair play they have now terminated my services illegally on 16th aug 2019. They have made an issue which has not caused any kind of financial or business loss or damage to them, they did this with ulterior motive and via email threatened me that i need to put rs.15 lacs in my bank account as the cheque will be sent for the clearing, post 19th aug 2019, which is clear extortion, illegal and inhuman on part of my employer, as the cheque of such a large amount was taken fraudulently from me, even the termination is illegal as the clause of termination is void ab initio, it was never told to me at the time of interviews and not even mentioned in the offer letter. They also emailed and threatened me that they will put criminal and civil charges against me, if i didn’t get the cheque cleared from my account.

16. So called illegal & wrongful termination by my employer is o[censored]lterior motive and is on the basis of false and wrong imputations against me as the number of openings which i had mentioned has not done any harm or loss to my employer/institute. This mischievous act on their part is done to have wrongful gain and cause monetary loss to me. As termination is illegal, unfair and arbitrary manner which is to grab and extort money from me, just forasking for my fair employee rights, therefore, i was forced to stop the payment with my bank as they were threatening me and i had informed them, via email that i had stopped the payment with my banker as the cheque was only for security purpose and neither do i have any liability or dues, to be paid to them nor i have made them any financial loss. I also demanded the return of my cheque and the bond. Still they have sent the cheque in my account for the clearing, which proves their malafide intentions again.

17. Their conduct can be seen as there are more than 50 complaints lodged against them in different forums all over india, by employees and students whom they have cheated before in the same manner. They are habitual of misconduct with other employees & with students as well. This is their modus-operandi to grab innocent person’s money through frivolous ways.

Sir, with the above harassment, torture and fraudulent acts by these persons, i feel that i have been dishonestly induced under the pretext of providing a job they have deceived me and taken a large amount of cheque of rs. 15 lacs fraudulently which is totally unethical also the termination was made on the false averments and malafide intentions to extort money from me. Moreover they have stolen all my data which has made me lose my job, my connections and business.

That the above dishonest and fraudulent acts amounts to cheating, fraud, extortion, mischief & criminal breach of trust, having malicious intention to deceive me with various other provision of criminal law. By forcing me to sign on the undertaking/bond by stating wrong facts and unlawful compulsory labour they played fraud upon me by taking the cheque of 15 lacks and made me to suffer mental torture by harassing me as a bonded labour. On 17th august 2019, i have lodged online complaints to consumer court and various other complaint and company review forums and various other platforms. They have been humiliating me and giving me immense mental torture and pressure. They again have sent me the notice of defamation on 24th aug 2019 and notice under section 138, ni act, 1881 on 7th sep 2019.

I have been put through immense agony, mental distress and emotional torture by sending the show cause notices, termination notice and legal notices. They made false representations to extort money from me illegally and i have suffered tremendous emotional loss and damages for reliance on mr. Anshul gauba’s false misrepresentations.

They did not clear my dues till date and adopted their modus operandi to harass me, to avoid the payment of lawful dues which i asked for. Being in dominant position they have mentally harassed me to illegally extort money from me. It is further stated that i have no liability or legal debt to discharge and the said cheque was never issued towards discharge of legally enforceable debt or liability or for any kind of training, as mentioned above the cheque was taken by them deceitfully and illegally from me and then they used the said cheque in order avoid the payment of my legitimate dues.

In addition to this complaint, i request everyone to not listen to 1 person, before joining such a company, just do your google just type frankfinn fraud and there are more than 50 complaints against them of their own employees and the students, they extort money from everyone who come under their frauds.

frankfinn institute fraud, they harass their employees & make them bonded labour
frankfinn institute fraud, they harass their employees & make them bonded labour
frankfinn institute fraud, they harass their employees & make them bonded labour

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