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I took admission at ahmedabad in may then because of some genuine reason I wanted transfer at hyderabad that also I took asurance from that faculty I want transfer in hyderabad and at ammerpet branch only if posible then only i will take admission otherwise no. She said yes it is possible and no problem you will get transferd to that branch. Then that time she said fee is 199000/- you are getting scholarship of 34000 where fee of course becomes 165000/- and for limited period n limited students get this opportunity. (that is there plan not any scholarship) then I was supposed to transfered money 15000/- ok I transfered then still branch was not ready she said me within some time branch will be ready. then I was suppose to pay 23000/- B.S.F (Batch Starting Fee) and I will be able to attend classes.I paid 23000/-in june. Still branch was NOT READY. Ok then I was asking her for latest updates
Brach is ready or not but she was saying it is under construction, under plan, your transfer will take some time of 15 days more see I took admission in may, branch was not ready june branch was not ready july and till august branch was not ready long period time of #5 months (totaly waisted my prescious time) and then they told me to join at kukatpaly branch which is 25km away from my home 50km. up down regularly I was waiting for ameerpet branch there batch . There batch started in September still I didn't got any transfer letter from ahmedabad now they are saying your fees is pending of 5 months first pay that fees then we will give you transfer letter(still mY 38000/-are there with them from 6 months ) at amerpet batch is started there from 20 days still I am not supposed to attend lectures and I am Ready to pay fees to them women there at ahmedabad she is saying we r not Redy to pay the fees. I asked first give me transfer at ameerpet then I will pay the fees then she selected the fee structure by her self 0f 14000/-per month at the time of admission I was supposed to pay 165000/-total amount then I paid 38000/-. SO,[protected]=127000. That 127000/-I chose to pay with the monthly instalment of 9000/- per month they are telling same thing to transfer the pending fees of 6 months which is not my fault as branch was not ready that is because of there delaying not student's.
I am totaly haraseed from 6 months i joined in may till now my classes are not started I m at home from 6 months if i took any wrong step only frankfin will be RESPONSIBLE for that and if you are not able to transfer or any other issue from your side refund my money back. Just remember FRANKFIN will be RESPONSIBLE if anything WRONG happens.

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