[Resolved] Frankfinn Institute Of Air Hostess Training — complaint against simpy singh, sumit.

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Dear sir,
My name is chakrapal singh and i am visiting continuously visiting the frankfinn – rajori garden branch for the refund of my forcefull admission of course (Frankfinn post graduate diploma in aviation, hospitality, travel n coustomer services.)
Unfortunately i was misguided by the hwad staff mrs simpy singh. Who misguided me and got myself into the course which was suitable for my career and future both. I was promised for my loan process and i was continuously struggling for the approval for that loan.
Mrs simpy she is so mean and never pick any of the students call because she just wanted to take money from people and to kon them. And then i have decided to got myself out of this trap of false admission and requested mrs simpy for the cancelation of this course.
Now, after so many months of following and requesting to mrs simpy, to get refund of my cancellation of course but no replied, and then i got my refund but only 9300 i got refund. Now next step of action might force me to go legally againt mrs simpy. Which is not only including the refund but the waste of precious time and hard earn money. She also tried to ruined my carrier by misguiding into wrong course and not refunding my 5700 not only this i spended 26000 for convenience and other things i lost my job just because i was coming here again n again. Now i am warning her to refund my all this money. Otherwise i will go legally against her. My entire year wasted i will call media now to frankfinn rajori and take legal step against mrs simpy. I might now go to media and get the new article print in the newspaper and will use variant ways of exposing frankfinn. And mrs simpy to ensure that futher they cannot cheat other innocent people like me.
And also i will take the name of mr sumit and accountant jitender beause of not sending my file and was kept my file with them and when i visited again to frankfinn and i asked at that point of time they said we misplaced all papers please right it again. They both are very cruel people.
Now i will take my action within next 48 hrs. If they will not take this request seriously.
This complaint will copied to the following.
Dcp – west delhi/ education minister-mr manish sisodia/ cm mr arvind kejriwal.

Chakrapal singh.

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