[Resolved] Frankfinn Institute Of Air Hostess Training — fees issue and service.

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Best Buliding, 'A' Wing, 5th Floor, S.V. Road, Opposite Andheri Railway Station, Andheri(W),, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India – 400058

I dont know what is happening in this institute have lots of complaints
1. Its been 2 months i joined and still not got my uniform.
2. Forcing about fees as i have choose a loan facility but they are forcing to borrow money from someone or deposit to them.
3. Having alternate classes from last month just loosing all my intrest in this cource just because of this and we all have some other classes and due to this type of drama they are creating of alternative days i am not able to attend them.
4. They just need fees as early as possible don't care about students.

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