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Respected sir / ma'am
I'm srishti gupta and i 'm a student of frankfinn institute bhopal, batch ii.
I'm doing aviation, hospitality, travel and customer service diploma from frankfinn bhopal.
There are so many problems, and i want to tell you as well.
1-they did so many fake promises at the time of seminar and at the time of admission as well.
2-there is no proper eligibility criteria, at the time of admission we've to fill a form and then they'll check our height and weight, and if our bmi is under or above or our height is less than 155 cm then also we are getting admission, i don't know on what basis, and giving the hope for bright future.
3- at the time of admission they promised that they 'll provide vlcc makeup kit, and vlcc trainer as well to girls but at last what happened they have to buy makeup kit by their own.
4- we must get full uniform from frankfinn, but what we get was two shirts, two trousers and a tie even they didn't provide a belt, and what girls get was two shirts, two skirts and one scarf that's all, even they promised that they'll get saries also but atlast they have to buy sari also by their own.
5- at the time of my seminar seminar they didn't told us about in-flight training, and it costs 11, 210 with no facilities and when i asked about in-flight training to my center operation manager she replied that my child may be we 've skipped that part in seminar, how is it possible that someone can skip this part.
5-according to the rules and regulations frankfinn institute can't take any kind of fine from students except fees but they are taking.
6- according to the rules and regulations their is a particular time duration for particular subject and max. Is 45 days, but my communication class went for more then three months.
6- there is no trainer in the centre that's why they are giving advertisements in danik bhaskar.
7- there is no particular amount of fees for the students, some students are giving 1, 65000 on the other hand some are giving 1, 85000.
8- those students who are a bit weak in english our institute planned to give an extra class to them and that class went for two weeks only i guess and, who was teaching them student of batch 1 just because she was interested, i think so it is against the noms of frankfinn.
9- playing with our futures.
10- even they are not following the rules and regulations given by ho people.
11- they are conducting classes on national holidays as well.
12- no proper hygiene in grooming room and washrooms, it's not convenient as well, grooming room is too small.
Sir/ ma'am i took admission in this institute to make my dream come true, but i don't think so it worths. Here we are paying huge amount but not getting anything. We all know that frankfinn institute is world's no one airhostes training center but i guess i was wrong and because of some branches the reputation of frankfinn also lowers down.
So i request you to take immediate action against it.

Thank you.
Your sincerely
Nomaan ahmed
Batch ii
Frankfinn bhopal

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