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Best Buliding, 'A' Wing, 5th Floor, S.V. Road, Opposite Andheri Railway Station, Andheri(W),, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India – 400058

I seriously don't know why you guys are doing this kind of things we are not from well settle family we are from middle class and the fee amount which we had given to you that was not for hospitality and that was not for the receptionist job we wanted to join airlines at the time or taking admission your team had done a good job by saying this ""your daughter will fly high she will stay in 5 star hotel she will try different cuisines""wtf is that man! I have wasted my almost 2 lakhs on this course and now you guys are telling to join that receptionist wala job are we deserve that whenever we want to talk to your employees regarding this they just tell this""airline required this do. You have this"" what kind of [censored] is this it is very nice way of getting money from everyone by saying all these sweet words
Whoever is reading this
Please give us placement not for receptionist not. For the jewelry shops not for the back office but for the post due to which we have invested our money.
We are suffering from very worst financial condition because my father have trusted on frankfinn institute and due to. That we invested all the money which we had
Whoever is reading,
You guys don't know how we pay our fees by selling gold jewelry or by selling personal things by doing hard work, don't show the dream of flying to. The students if. You can't covert it into reality
My father is doing hard work he is suffering from. High blood pressure what if he'll get something dangerous due to this frankfinn institute
Do you guys have heart!!!
Yes you have stone heart!!!
That's y you took our money and now you are not giving right job.
Areeee tumne interview ki baat ki thi na 40 interview you'll going to give us to. Do naaa crack karna hamara kaam hai fir nhi hua to wo. Hamara prb hai but it doesn't mean out of 40, 39 will. Be hospitality sector, customer service sector, and only one for airlines that is go. Air. If we want to join go air by giving walk in interview to frankfinn kyuuu join kiya tha😭😭😭😭 please don't play with our emotions please give us job

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