[Resolved] Frankfinn Institute Of Air Hostess Training — fraud at frankfinn bhopal

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Respected sir,
My name is kajal narwaria and i'm a student of frankfinn. I'm doing my aviation, hospitality, travel and customer service diploma from frankfinn bhopal. I took admission in august 2017. Sir, it's a 1 year diploma course and i have crossed that duration but still only 4 modules are completed, that are – english effective communication skills; grooming; swimming; and travel. And for swimming and travel they hired some local people to teach us. Our travel trainer was some travel company owner and for swimming we didn't got any trainer from frankfinn. Sir, we took admission here so that we can learn from well trained frankfinn trainers and not some local people. There are a lot of problems as well which i have stated below –
1- extending course for so long and when asked about it they make false promises of giving extra classes.
2-they don't have proper trainers and hiring local people to teach us. When asked why, they say head office is not providing us trainers.
3-untrained staff who doesn't follow head office rules and ask us to cooperate and keep our mouth shut.
4-giving admission to students who are not eligible for this course and giving them false hopes of a bright future.
5-during admission they told us a lot of lies-
5.1-they said they will take 99% guarantee of our placement and now they are backing off.
5.2-when we submitted our fee, they initially gave a receipt which had information only about the amount and confirmation of fee deposited. But later on they exchanged those receipts with electronic receipts which had certain statements that we were not informed about.
5.3-they said they have a tie-up with vlcc for our grooming classes and they will be providing us makeup kits. But at the end we had to purchase that ourselves and no vlcc trainer was provided.
5.4-they said they'll complete the syllabus on time and by the end of 1 year we would be having job in our hand, which as per current situations is not going to happen any time soon.
6-they made us rome around the schools for their advertisement to make people aware about frankfinn and ask them for their no.
7-they don't have any necessary equipments required for our proper training.
8-making false promises and hiding the truth – our grooming and aviation trainer resigned because they were not providing her any thing for our class like safety kit, cutlery and many other necessary equipment required for proper training.
9-its clearly mentioned in frankfinn's rules that no faculty or staff is allowed to take any sort fine but still they are asking for fine.
10- breeching our and our parent's trust on frankfinn.
11-playing with students future.
12-when we complain about it to the center sales manager and center operation manager, they lie to us and give us false hopes and promisses.
13-no proper infrastructure provided – class are not sound proof, grooming room is too small. Proper hygiene is not maintained.
14-making some frabkfinn students who are good in english teach the students at frankfinn.
15-they recent gave an add in dainik bhaskar new paper regarding requirement of trainers for every module.
16-they are not following head office rules and not forwarding correct information to them.

Sir, we took admission in frankfinn and paid a huge amount of fee because we trusted it. We knew it was the best air hostess training institute but i guess i was wrong. If such things continue to happen, this will surely lead to the fall of frankfinn and will break millions of people's trust.
I request you to take immediate and effective action againgt this.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully
Kajal narwaria
Student id-fiat/62470
Frankfinn bhopal

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