[Resolved] Frankfinn Institute Of Air Hostess Training — irresponsible and reckless behaviour of faculty

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Hi… I am a student of frankfinn institute of air hostess training (Hyderabad). I am not at all satisfied with this institute… They look for only number of admissions and fees that has to be collected from those students.. There is no fixed amount of fee… They collect according to their wish but no less than 1.3 lakh where the actual fee according to frankfinn rules and regulations is actually 1.2 lakh.. They don't check eligibility criteria of a student while admission… Give fake promises and take admissions.. Promise to provide placements anyhow saying that they are tied up with many top airlines.. When students like go with dreams to fly high.. We complete the whole course and look for jobs.. And then these people show us 10 k salary per month jobs in hotels or any other front office.. Least bothered if we are really interested in taking that particular job.. They be like.. We have shown you the placements.. Its you who dint take that job… Do we really have to pay such huge amount of fee for one year diploma just to get paid 10k salary per month? And there are no campus interviews.. All are walk in interviews… These people will just inform us when and where the interview is happening.. After seeing al this we regrete for taking admission in this institute.. On the other side
In recent days two branches were terminated. Ameerpet and kukatpally branches were terminated and himayathnagar the headbranch in hyderabad took responsibility of students from ameerpet and kukatpally. Miss surekha is the centre head there… Called us and asked us to come to himayathnagar branch and she will help us in placements… And now when we go there and ask.. She'l be like did you take admission in our branch? Did i take your admission? I am not getting any extra pay helping u students.. Tha'ts totally her job to help us why is she expecting more pay for that? And is that the way to speak to students? Being a student… After paying so much fee.. And knowing that branch is terminated and no proper assistance about placements… Student will be frustrated and they have their rights to question about it.. She says we cant question her for anything… Whom should we question then? She is representing that particular branch.. She called us and said that she took our responsibility.. Only then we went to her.. Else we don't even know that one such lady exists.. Now when we ask for help.. She shouts at us.. Front of all visitors.. Sends us out literally.. Shouting us to get out from here.. N if one does the mistake she shows her anger on 10 people for one's fault.. Says she is english professor and treats every others as illiterates and call them illiterates.. She keeps us waiting when we go to meet her… No seats to sit and wait atleast.. Today she declared she is not gonna assist us for placements… Whom should we question now? We either want refund of whole fee or proper placements as promised.. And this kind of behaviour with students cant be encouraged!

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