[Resolved] Frankfinn Institute Of Air Hostess Training — money refund of 15000

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I am mehjabin parvish i had taken admssion in frankfin i gave the half of admssn fee and half i was told afterwards when possible as i was having financial problem they forced me to take admssn and had not given time for me to think about it they forcefully got me admitted to there telling that it is 100% gurantee of thiers that i will get placement but after giving the money i recieved a form where there was written that there is no gurantee of placement by them they are now citing stupid reasons to cover thier fraud action.. I want my money return im suffering from very financial prblm they told me that it is writen there they wont return the money but it has also written there that there no placement gurantee why they are giving people false hopes why theyre ruining peoples career and in vein of giving a good life they somehow managed to ruined our good and stressfree life. There promises are fake henceforth there course and services are fake too kindly look into this matter im helpless now they ended make me helpless yesterday i gave then the money today im into this trouble and i guess this is the reason why they didnt gave me time to think about this

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