[Resolved] Frankfinn Institute Of Air Hostess Training — Product/subject i’m complaining about irresponsible staff and ragged staff.

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I'm a frankfinn student from margao center. I an really ashamed to tell that frankfinn staff cheated me. Its account section and front office people troubled me without explaining me the udaan concept as for why they removed me of the groupafter i atrended the first day. Unfortunately i had to make a own group formyself alongwith the people whoes mames were arent put in any group like me. After the project they said that we all are not getting certificate instead we will receive a warning letter. Without explaining us why they removed us from the previous group, what was the point for them to do this with me? I did my seperate group for the certificate since i thought i wouldelnt receive it if i wont go for the rest of the days. They should have informed me and not sent me back when i had visited the center several times and phoned the head office many times they themselfes said to speak to center which doesnt know a thing to tellme. For the 10days they didnt give my money which they promised as pocket money of 1000
…& i had to waste my money which i carried for lunch. Now you tellme what you feel about the institute.

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