[Resolved] Frankfinn Institute Of Air Hostess Training — Refund of my deposited money

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Hi sir/ma'am,
I am Puja Agarwal, from Cuttack Odisha.I want to make you know that I want refund of my deposited money sir as soon as possible.Only because the financial condition has been critical.I hope you are understanding.And now I deeply want my money back.
I have told all my problems to your staffs and they are not in a state of mind to understand my problems​.Thereby I beg you. Otherwise I have many sources outside and I also can take actions.Therefore before doing them all I am letting you know.We are from lowermiddle class family and money plays a crucial role for us.Every penny counts sir.My receipt number are precisely..
These are my receipt no.from which you can know every details from your records.So I hereby kindly request you to refund my money ASAP.
Puja agarwal.

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