[Resolved] Frankfinn Institute Of Air Hostess Training — refunding of my money

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My name is nivedita rai and i went to frankfinn institiin of airhostess training on 21/6/18 to know about the course but they manipulated be by saiying that ur perfect abd this is ur golden chance for achiving ur dreams and today is ur last date of admission where u can get admission in 145000 othetwise it will be of 200000 from tomorrow and they forced me to give 15000 as admission fees at that very moment so that they can get add my name in the list this was done by sonali mam head of rajouri garden institution. Then they called me on 23/6/18 for orientation day and told me tho bring three checks on the very same date of different amounts one of 30000 issued for 23/6/18 another of 50000 issued for 25/7/18 and another of 50000 issued for 25/8/18 then i got to talk to the older students who told me about the institution that is is not good and worthy they have not got jobs till now and they are trapped in this and then i also serched it on google and got the same reviews and i was very disapointed after this and now i dont want to continue this course and i want my money back so on the same day i went to the rajouri garden frankfinn institute to get my cheques back but they are not giving me the cheque and saying that one its paid it cant be refunded they should have told it earlier and then i saw some students who are not even to the height of 155cm wich is a nessity for becoming an airhostess and the studebts who were fat and not to the actual bim then my doubt became much clear. I request u to plz give my money back so that i wont face any trouble because i am from a middile class family and i dont have 145000 rs to waste on this thing and my account also dosent have that much of money and if the cheque bounces my dad can go to jail which i cant let that happen. And you can take it both as a warning or as a request so that u can help me other wise i will go up to the media and i hope you know the power of social media and am warning you that it can baddly effect the reputation of frankfinn and the dream of frankfinn opening institutes in dubai and foreign countries can get shattered right away and the sucess story of mr ks kholi of earning 450cr from 40000 borrowed by a friend can go back to its earlier amount.145000 may not be a big amount for you but for the people who work whole day and night with all the hardwork means everything. And if my demand will not be listened then i will make shure to sue ur company for playing with young generations future because "what goes around comes around".
Your truly

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