[Resolved] Frankfinn Institute Of Air Hostess Training — regarding bhopal centre fraud

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Respected sir,
My name is mallika sharma, a student of your institute, bhopal centre, persuading my aviation, hospitality, travel and customer service diploma. I took admission in may 2017. As far as i knew it should be one year course (Diploma) and i have passed that time period but still only 4 modules are completed, that are – english effective communication skills; grooming; swimming; and travel. And in that too i didn’t got english module till now also for swimming a pool which was very far from the institute with no facilities and dirty water was provided to us which was closed for 10 days as the local newspaper printed the news of pool being dirty and for travel they hired some local, untrained trainer to teach us. Also for swimming we didn't got any trainer from frankfinn. Sir, we took admission here so that we can learn from well trained frankfinn trainers and not some local people.
My problem basically are:-
1. The course has been extended for a long period now with irregular classes and no cover up classes.
2. No professional trainers by head office.
3. Centre head forcing us to shut our mouth and false promises are done to manipulate us to not to complain.
4. Wrong eligibility criteria displayed in the centre, which is misguiding students and giving them false hopes for placements.
5. Before admission they assured us 99% guarantee of our placement and now they are backing off by giving the code of conduct, in which its printed that no guarantee of placements are there and this was not told to us till 8 months of course duration.
6. They said they have a tie-up with vlcc for our grooming classes and they will be providing us makeup kits but nothing as such happened and we had to buy products ourselves.
7. They made us rome around the schools during board exams of students in schools for their advertisement thing.
8. They aren’t providing equipments required for our proper training. Such as safety kit etc.
9. Making false promises and hiding the truth about trainer not being well whereas the ex faculty says that she resigned due to equipments weren’t provided to her.
10. Taking cash as fine for not being in uniform and attending classes.
11. Not giving proper information about when the classes are resuming everytime.
12. Deceiving students and parents trust on the brand “frankfinn”
13. When we complain about it to the center sales manager and center operation manager, they manipulate us everytime and give us false hopes for conducting classes asap.
14. No proper infrastructure provided – class are not sound proof, grooming room is too small. Proper hygiene is not maintained.
15. Making some frabkfinn students, who are good in english teach the students at frankfinn for free.

16. They are not following head office rules and not forwarding correct information to them.

Sir, we students took admissions due to the trust in brand and have paid huge amounts of fees so that we can gain knowledge and get trained properly with proper trainers and proper placements.
By this i wanted the clarification of my points because this fraud can’t be tolerated till long

Thanking you

Yours faithfully
Mallika sharma
Frankfinn bhopal

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