[Resolved] Frankfinn Institute Of Air Hostess Training — Spoiling Students Life

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I used to work in Frankfinn in a senior post. I resigned from Frankfinn as I was extremely dissatisfied by the entire process of student recruitment. I feel Frankfinn is not a training Institute but just a money making institute. Trust me if you want to be a cabin crew you just need to develop your communication skills and your personality which can be done by you yourself. Spending 1.5L to 2L for such course is unnecessary. Cannot say Frankfinn is Fraud legally as they take all precaution by making the student sign an agreement on Stamp Paper by which the student cannot go legal against frankfinn, and the best part is they do not let you read or take a copy of the same and the employees are trained well to tackle such situation. The target given to the Center Head is 150-200 admission in a year hence the quality of student recruitment is extremely poor hence placement is poor as well. CHILDREN BE CAREFUL…ITS YOUR LIFE.

Spoiling Students Life

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