[Resolved] Frankfinn Institute of Airhostess Training — frankfinn institute is fraud

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hi students be ware of frankfinn institute of air hostess training.its an fraud institute.this institute institute is mainly to collect money from middle class people and they just kick the students after reciving money.please students i beg you be ware of frankfinn.please students.plz dont suffer your parents.after leaving that institute i became DRUGIST becoz i have no value in my home……..wat i m saying is thats true…BELIVE me.i[censored] just want to get in to airlines sector just do one thing………get some small job in hotel industry and get some experience.and try to finish ur degree.i[censored] want to develop urself for the sake of airlines industry just buy some american accent training institute OR JOIN IN COMMUNICATION TRAINING INSTITUTE.OR ITS BETTER TO JOIN IN CALL CENTER TRAINING INSTITUTE. NOTE NO AIRLINES WILL TAKE YOU WITH INTER QUALIFICATION.BUT THIS INSTITUTE SAYS U WILL BE RECUITED THROUGH +12 QUALIFICATION BUT THAT IS FALSE .BE WARE OF THESE KIND IF FRAUD PEOPLE

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