Freecharge Payment Technologies / — account blocked unnecessarily stating security problems for karuna

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I had been using Freecharge through clone/parallel app(which was known to me through amazon customer service)but my account was blocked once and I was asked to submit my identity proof which I did and the account was unblocked but again yesterday when I was trying to transact through the clone app again my account was blocked permanently and only the money added was being refunded(cashback portion is being forfeited).I repeatedly asked for the reason but Freecharge is not ready to listen.Infeel the company is unreasonably doubting my entity and affecting my goodwill -we are not ones who can think of trying to cheat the company -all Amazon, Paytm, etc are allowing the clone apps on one android for log in of different family members account from the same device but Freecharge feels I am trying to cheat -I am shocked by their behaviour-they can easily call up and let me know what they are considering as security risks but they simply blocked my account-hardly know whether there are security risks using parallel apps on the same android phones.Kindly take action against Freecharge for doubting my integrity and ask them to unblock my account with e mail address Karuna.[protected]
and my ticket 863976

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