Abhinandana Housing Pvt Ltd Guntur — Registration problem

Abhinandana Housing Phone
+91 89 1253 8686
+91 86 6662 8668
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Abhinandana Housing Address
Lakshmipuram Main Rd, Lakshmipuram, Ashok Nagar, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India – 522007

Dear sir,
my name is kollipra srikanth.i took 2 plotes (3 years insatlaments)in abhinanadana housing pvt ltd in guntur, andharaparadesh.that companey promiss my poltes handoverto after 3years with full dovlapaments.so I paid full amount my plote cost in 13-8-12.but still today that companey not registation to my plote.please take to action and do the free registation immdeateely.way be couse i am lose of interest of my amount since 2012. so please considar to my problem and do the registation as erly as possibule.
Thanking you.

Registration problem

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