[Resolved]  Academy of Maritime Studies — Scam and Fraud

Academy of Maritime Studies Website
Academy of Maritime Studies Address
RR-19 3rd Floor, Miyanwali Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi, India – 110087

BEWARE of this Institute:

ACADEMY OF MARITIME STUDIES, also known as, AMS or AMS Ship Management Pvt Ltd, having a registered office at RR-19, Miyawalin Nagar, Near Peeragarhi Chawk, New Delh and a sprawling pathetic campus at Sampla, Dighal-Beri Roadi. They have also got a website too i.e. www.ams.edu.in. They call themselves, the pioneer in placing students on board ships but only after you pay a whooping price tag of Rs. 3,95,000 for GP Rating and Rs. 6,00,000 for Deck Cadet Programme and in return they say, they are giving an100% commitment, and got 100% placement record and they have got a vast experience.

All [censored].

About Us:

We are group of young alumni’s from this deplorable collage, Academy of Maritime Studies.

Our Objective:

To bring in light the scam and malicious practices they do in the name of Merchant Navy and Job Placements and beware everyone, the consequences, this college will inflict once you enroll.

Mastermind: Mr. Kapil Dev Ahuja, he was the Director of this college once and now, he left AMS just to open a new college and hide his face, Seafarers Training Academy, which is situated at Ghitorni (www.stamaritime.com/) You can identify this man here (http://dacedu.co.in/wpimages/wp4ba4aea9_05.jpg)

Mr. Keyur Vora and Capt. Bhargav Vora (The weapons of Mass destruction) – They are now ruling AMS and doing scam openly in the name of quality maritime education and job placements. There main motto is to earn money (all three of them, aforementioned).


* So far, more than 200 Students, including students who passed out 4-5 years back from AMS, are still at home and are jobless.
* More then 100 students of AMS were detained and/or in detention in countries like Turkey, Middle East and South East. Reason: Are either caught having fake certificates – they are master in providing fake certificates, over stay illegally after the expiry of their VISA – overstay because once you reach there, ,maybe or maybe not, you will work on ship. There are chances and incidents, where in a student from AMS, was made to work in the Dry dock for months and months and he was paid nothing, instances like, working as a fruitpicker in a garden, working as a factory labor…working on board smuggling ships – yay – they place the students on board un catagorize ships, un registered ships, where all your seniors are either fisherman, or an alumni of AMS, are deck cadets by rank, but are working on board as chief officers – thanks to AMS, they provide real fake government certificates to place you anywhere, even as a captain .. they can place you anywhere…they can do anything.To them experience don’t count, to them, throw money and they will give you all, fake.

* They will promise you to place on board all this ships within 4 months from your final day at the academy, but trust me, not less 2 years, they will take. Reason – there are 1000s of students who are already jobless, and they are working hard, to give them fake certificates and place them, on board all these deplorable ships of no class, no safety, with fake officers and captain and you will be treated as slave, against ITF Norms. You will die calling and requesting them for a job, but no one to hear you unless the expiry of two years.

* You wont even get money every month. Yay! They will say $350 every month, Vora Duo’s are very smart in terms of snatching money from you through their articulates, they talk confidently. But beware guys, once you are on board, you will be deprived of everything, sleep, money, food, clothes just everything. For what you are paying? Not for a penniless slavery we hope! The ships don’t pay the money,its only after 4-5 years, when your mouldering bones will dance in pain, they will shed a few dollars.

* After placement is done, know this, Keyur Vora and Bhargav Vora, will never attend your calls, in case of any emergency, they will leave you stranded, in death, un attended. they are so pathetic, that they will leave you alone. They have a chain of scam agents, they give you fake certificates who further then place you on ships like this. They don’t even pay your money, as they state in their Non-stamped contract letter, that repatriation, will be borne by the company, in case they terminate you. They will deduct the amount from your hard earned money.

* After that forget placements. Vora brothers are Apocalypse, they do not fear anyone. You call them, they will have tonnes of excuses, oh m outside Delhi, oh my god, internet is not working, we are waiting for the official mail to know why you have been terminated… just because of this behavior, so many guys are still dying in the jails.

* There is a cycle. They tell you 9 months contract but then you will see, you have been kicked out brutally, after 6 months, without a penny … There is a cache. These are per-decided facts. All fake contract letter.

* There courses are un recognized. The GP rating is not governed by DG Shipping, Its accredited to AMS lol. The one Deck Cadet, was once accredited to AMSA (Australian Maritime Safety Authority) but is now gone. Seafarers Training Institute took it away from AMS.

* Consult a lawer, and you will find, a 1000s of case against AMS. Dont know why they are not behind the bars.

Not just they play with your money in the name of polishing your future, but they are very good at doing scam, fraud, duplicacy of any times. They can put you in extreme danger outside the country. So guys, before enrolling make sure, AMS is not your choice and so is Seafarers Training Institute. These guys are all fake and has got fake agents out there, outside the country. Once you reach there, maybe or maybe not, you will never see your dear ones.

So make sure, always chose a DG Shipping Registered maritime institute instead of putting your children’s, brothers or anyone dear to you, in colleges like such.

We have all the names who are detained, names who are killed, who are jobless, who were jailed and of course, a 1000s of fake certificates.Any queries are welcome.And if you are one among us, and is looking for justice, Reach us at [protected]@gmail.com

Duped Alumnus’s of AMS

Scam and Fraud
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