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Today 26th June, I am filing a case against Accenture India for playing with my career and harassing me mentally.

My candidate ID (CID): C9473789

Hello all,

I got a call from Accenture from one HR, named Praneeth that my skills are matching to one job opening for skill SAP business objects data services. he told me they had scheduled interview for one candidate but he is not available so they want me to attend the interview. I clearly said my skill is Business objects not Data services. But still they asked me to attend and scheduled it.
On the 18th of May, I got a mail from Accenture that my interview has been scheduled on May 19th. I was in the hirevew link for an hour there was no sign of interviewer. hence I sent a mail to Vivha reddy and Accenture team that interviewer did not come.

Again on May 28th, it was rescheduled. On May 28th again I attended, my interview did not happen. the interviewer said that my skill is not matching and he will inform the same to HR. I communicated the same to Chandana who had scheduled interview.

Again on june 7 it was rescheduled. I told many times to HR that please make sure interview will happen related to my skill, they said they will make sure of that. Again the same thing happened. The interviewer said my skill is not a match for this role. I wrote the following to recruitment


My interview did not happen today, the feedback was my skills are SAP business objects reporting but interviewer was from SAP Business objects data services panel.

Please let me know.

Again on June 14th it was rescheduled without even taking a consent from me!!
I attended and the interview did not happen ! I got a call from Vishal from Accenture that they will cancel the interview because of skill mismatch and they will schedule again.
This was my mail :

Hi Vishal,

As discussed, my skill is SAP Business Objects and reporting. This skill includes business objects development. My resume is attached.
Please let me know if there are any requirements in this area.


Again on June 23rd it was scheduled. I said this time its final please make sure my skill is matching.They said they will make sure.
When I attended the same thing happened, interviewer said my skill is not same what they require so he will update the HR.In that interview Lashagi from Accenture was also present throughout. She knew that my skill is not matching, this feedback I got from interviewer.

After that I got this mail from Accenture:

Hi Preeti Tripathy,

Thank you for exploring a career with us.

However, we regret to inform you that you did not clear the skill interview required for the role. Therefore, we are unable to progress with your candidature this time.

We’re always on the lookout for exceptional talent to grow our diverse group of innovators in India. You can apply again after six months from the date of your last interview.

Here’s wishing you all the best for your future endeavours.

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Reference CID: C9473789

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Is this a joke going on? What is this kind of play with someone’s career. Its your fault, you accept and if you cannot give a job then atleast dont play with someone’s career like this. Candidates, leaving their current work with present company are giving time to you to take the interview. Try to respect candidate’s time. In the end you say that I cannot apply to Accenture for 6 months? In this difficult time people are without jobs. You need to understand and accept your fault and you should never block eople to apply in your company.

I want to know the reason why you did this with me? Why you are trying to spoil my career? Why this injustice?

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