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+91 44 2249 9422
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Accord HR Services Address
Ramapuram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India – 600089

Dear All,
Accord HR is a fraud, lier company based in Chennai.The number one fraud company in chennai., company was only money minded.
I also didnt get a single call. I have cancelled my registration and didnt get my refundable amount also. They dont give proper response also. One of the worst experience in my life. I spoke to them regarding opportunities and they as any consultancy put forward opportunities with so many big companies. Before registering their receiving will be mind blowing after that mind will really blow becoz of their response. They say it is refundable amount but they wont refund after the cancellation. They say after 90 days but they wont. Dont know what to do and how to get my money back. One of the fraud consultancy again Accord HR Services.
AccordHR Services is a cheating their employees by taking ther original documents from them at the time of Joining. They will call you for interview and once you clear the interview they will tell you that you will get 5-7k per month and can earn around 5-10k incentives per month. In the interview they never talk about targets and say its very easy to earn incentives. After joining you come to know about impossible targets, if you don’t meet your target they will pressurize and torture you always. If you are sick and take a leave they will deduct 1k + that day salary is deducted. After joining if you want to leave the company after 15 days then they charge 2k to get your original documents which you submit at the time of joining. If you want to quit within 6 months of time they will not give your documents back unless you pay back your 1 month salary and incetives earned. And if you want to quit after seven months you have to pay penalty to get your documents back. So be on HIGH ALERT from this fake and fraud company.

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