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First of all I am a real person and customer of acer and this is a real and genuine review anyone can confirm this with me by mailing me, my email id is

I brought an acer aspire a315-53 laptop 15 months back in last months of 2019, it was my first laptop so I used it very carefully after 2 months suddenly it went dead, I called the customer care and they asked me to reset battery by small pin whole switch and try to turn it on by pressing the power button, I did that and it started but again after total 6 months it went dead, I called the customer care and was asked to repeat the same process but it did not work this time, also as it was lock down there was no service and after some days a service guy visited and said the keyboard has a manufacturing defect and we will change it free of cost, after 15 to 20 days he again visited with the key board and replaced it and laptop again started working, then after almost 3 months it again went dead and I again tried the reset battery button and it started, now after exactly 15 months and some days past the laptop again went dead and this time the battery reset trick did not work, I called the service center guy and he visited and checked the laptop and to my surprise I was told that the mother board of the laptop is dead, without any water or physical damage or any burns of any kind it just went dead and the replacement cost is more then 20, 000rs which is more then the price i paid for the laptop, I felt cheated and looted by acer, I feel acer is selling cheap china made products and when they stop working specially when they are out of warranty acer asks for the amount customer can not pay or even if he does its more then the new device, really disappointed in acer will never buy any acer product again or will recommend acer to anyone.

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