Acer India — Unethical behaviour of laptop hard disk (ssd)

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I am honestly registering this complaint.
I bought Acer Aspire 5 laptop (i5 8th gen, 512 GB NVMe SSD) on oct 17 2019 from flipkart (Refer invoice copy attached)

Laptop was working fine for exactly one year (except some power on problem/boot problem a couple of time)
But exactly after one year and one month (December 02 2020) my ssd hard disk got corrupted and shows no bootable device. (Refer attachment)

When contacted Acer service center, they said the ssd hard disk is corrupted and have to replace a new one which will cost 7200 including
service charge.

I am not able to claim warranty since it crossed 1 month from warranty due date..
Is this the quality of this product/ssd??.. Very worse experience..
And the worst part is all my stored data is gone since data from ssd can’t be recoverable (Said by acer service center).

(Note: I have used my laptop only moderately and no physical damage happened. Still my ssd hard disk is corrupted)

Because of this worst experience and my data loss available in the ssd hard disk, i am requesting acer india to pay me INR 10, 000
so that i will manage to replace my ssd hard disk.

Unethical behaviour of laptop hard disk (ssd)
Unethical behaviour of laptop hard disk (ssd)

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