Acharya Nagarjuna University — scholarship not sanctioned due to administration negligence

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My self r. Siva prasad i am for the anu college of architecture and planning, y13 batch[protected] y13ap0165 is my roll number. My second hostel fee not credited in to my college account. Hostel office staff told me in third year, i ask my principal and my college principal gave me a letter and i submit it to hostel office they gave me room, in the final year i applied for the certificates and i know that my second year hostel is not sectioned then i asked the college administration, they told me to go to district treasury office and i go there and ask them and they said your hostel fee not credited to your college account due to some technical issue and we hold that amount two financial year for any response form related college they didn’t respond for this issue so we returned the amount to the government we couldn’t do anything now. I asked the administration about and they simply said we are new staff we didn’t do this mistake. I have to pay 10, 000 for second year hostel fee and 8, 000 due to they didn’t enter my fee first and second year reimbursement detail correctly college fee is 35’000 they entered 31, 000. 10, 000 which is refunded when my remaining 5th year fee reimbursement final amount released bc welfare office didn’t released that because my university didn’t upload my complete marks to the welfare website. Total i fee pay for my certificates is 30, 000 which i only have to pay 2000 for my last year hostel fee. This appense not only for me 20 of my classmates second year hostel bill is not released like me and 60 of my classmates fee reimbursements are entered incorrectly like me. Total around 6, 00, 000 rupees in the form of fee we had payed due to my college old staff negligence and we want justice

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