Advanced Hair Studio — Bogus company & bogus consultants over there & now not refunding my hard earned money

Advanced Hair Studio Phone
+91 11 4911 9191
Advanced Hair Studio Website
Advanced Hair Studio Address
A-13, Pamposh Enclave, Delhi, Delhi, India – 110048

The organization AHS is totally bogus.These consultants are not at all doctors they are bunch of losers MBA guys who are trained to act like doctors but don’t know even the simple abcd of medical science.

So please beware of such bogus people. They are just here to take your hard earned money. The studio is just a barber shop & not a clinic. So warning to all people who are looking it as their solution should not look into it.

They are losers who thrive on your hard earned money. Even I am going through excruciating pain of losing my money into the hands of such fools & now not ready to refund even I have not taken there so called procedure. I went to AHS with a hope to consult doctor who suggest treatment based upon my head condition but that bogus doctor turned out to be a MBA guy (Saurabh) who just randomly said to go for AHS existing procedure without knowing what I am suffering from. He made me to pay 25000 rs in advance to get discount whenever I begin with AHS procedure.

But when I came to know their true business of playing people’s emotions & hard money they refused to pay back my money and even made me come to barber (AHS) shop again & again but not paying back my hard earned money. And many times different people from AHS calls you & make you mentally disturbed because they don’t want to refund my money.

Even one of person named AMBIKA said instead of refund they will give you shampoos cost 25000 RS .SEE WHAT KIND OF AHS STAFF IS YOU CAN IMAGINE YOURSELF .

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