Aeon Connect Travels — bus departed without picking passengers

Aeon Connect Travels Phone
+91 94 9700 6699
Aeon Connect Travels Website
Aeon Connect Travels Address
Building Number : 5223, Hig-39, 10th Cross Road, Panampilly Nagar, Cochin, India – 682036

Date of incident :[protected]

Name of the travels : aeon connect travels

Bus number: ka01ae9649

Service number: bnglr – hyd01

Bus operator contact: [protected] (Vincent)

Source – destination: bangalore to kurnool.

The seat numbers booked are k2 and l4.

Unparliamentary language towards passengers by george ([protected]) when called for information regarding not picking passengers in the aeon connect travels.

I have booked aeon connect travels from bangalore to kurnool, which is scheduled to depart from hebbal esteem mall at 2.35 pm.

We received a call from the bus operator before 15 minutes of departure stating that i should be there at the stop at 2.35 pm exactly, failing which the bus will be moved without any wait.

I have requested the operator to wait for 5 minutes as i was stuck in traffic in a very polite manner.

The operator denied the request in a rude manner and told me that the bus will not wait even a second after 2:35 pm.

Somehow, we have managed to reach the bus stop exactly by 02.37 pm which is just after 2 minutes from the said departure time.

I was right there behind the bus and screaming at the bus operator over phone to stop and they never cared and moved the bus from the bus stop.

We have paid 1200 for each ticket and it is ridiculous not to wait for just 5 minutes. Whenever the bus gets delayed, we wait for the bus hours together.

I need this to be escalated, and i kindly request proper action to be taken against aeon connect travels.

Very unparliamentary language (Hindi) used by aeon connect office representative, george ([protected]) when we called him to know why the bus has been moved without picking the passengers.

– kindly take action against the travels. The same thing may happen to other passengers also. Please, please do not neglect my request

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