Aim2Win — Peter Prabhu is threatening us and misbehaving

Aim2Win Consultant Solutions Website
Aim2Win Consultant Solutions Address
#439, 7th B Main, HBR Layout, Bangalore North, Karnataka, India – 560043

This goon who runs the Aim2Win maid agency is a goon. He took registration fee of Rs. 1200/-, Would provide alternate maid if this one does not suit us.We promised the maid will be kept at work for Rs 12, 000/- per month. which I should pay after 20 days. He promised the maid would do all the cooking and cleaning.
This maid who he called Shanthi, did not know any cooking. I told him you can take her back.
He says now that he would not come to pick her up or send replacement. When we asked him to come and pick the maid from the place, he said you just send her.
I refuted to do so because Shanthi being a girl who wasn’t aware of Bangalore city and our area, for the sake of her safety.
The clause of paying her for the number of days she works.
He is threatening and yelling at us to release the maid without anything in wrritten from him!
I would mostly put a consumer court complain against him.
For all the People of Bangalore, esp, Families, BEWARRE of this Peter Prabhu of maid agency.
He is goon.

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