Airports Authority of India — ink used in bhubaneswar airport causing skin infection

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+91 11 2461 0386
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Ground Floor, C Block, Rajiv Gandhi Bhawan, Safdarjung Airport, New Delhi, Delhi, India – 110003

Hi, this is ranjit. I have travelled last week of july and they stamped my hand for quarantine. They have used excess amount of ink and hence nothing was visible in the stamp. So the stamp was of no use. Secondly i felt burning sensation and it reacted in my skin which was irritating as lots of pain was there and i got puss created there after that. I have attached the image for reference. I had to consult doctor and applied madicine which helped me to recover after 3 days but i lost a layer of my skin in the stamped area. I urge not to use this kind of ink and the amount of ink should be minimal which serves the purpose. This will help all the passangers to be safe and we can avoid unwanted skin reaction due to this.

I hope you will understand the seriousness and take action which will help the public travelling to bhubaneswar.

ink used in bhubaneswar airport causing skin infection

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