[Resolved]  Alba – Urmet Audio Security System — Malfunctioning from the date of installation

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+91 12 4430 0630
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Alba Urmet Address
275, Udyog Vihar, Phase-IV, Gurgaon, Haryana, India – 122001

A new audio-automatic door locking system was installed at our above address last year in Aug-Sept. It had some problems during the installation and became functional later.

It malfunctioned from the very first day. Even after it first became functional, it has not functioned properly continuously for more than a week or so at a stretch, at best. We have had to make innumerable calls to the Co’s Shri Thakur ([protected]) and he has had to send somebody or other to repair the system or to make some adjustment to it over about 15 times or more since then.

Mr. Thakur has finally told us over telephone a few days back, and we quote:

“this system and its working are not secure, so it would be advisable
for you to install a tower bolt/latch other security devices on your door.”

Obviously, we no longer have any faith or confidence in the system as their own employee / representative has warned us to not depend on it.

In view of the above facts, you are now requesting the co:
a) to advise us as to whether their systems are secure and functionally dependable;
b) if so, then they must replace the system installed here with a functional system and extend the guarantee by at least 10 months from the date it functions;
c) if not, then they must refund the full amount paid for the system with interest, so that we can look for other alternate means of security for our access.

We are awaiting the Co’s response

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