[Resolved]  Alpine Center — Fake school

Alpine Center Phone
+91 99 2379 5884
+91 97 6588 6122
+91 832 275 4440
Alpine Center Website
Alpine Center Address
11/1, Near Piedade Chapel, Utorda, India – 403713

Please do not be deceived. Alpine center in south goa does not have any reputation as they claim and there is only one teacher to teach all subjects. That teacher doesnt even have professional qualifications to be a teacher, he has just worked with some cruise lines as a mess boy. They say they organize interviews with cruise line and star class hotels in middle east but according to my experience, they organize fake interviews. Even we give our best shot in the interviews we are not get hired. Then they say that you have not performed well in the interview that’s why you were not hired, that is a complete lie. So far no student of alpine center has ever been hired by any cruise line. All the testimonials in their official web site are fake ones.

So my friends please dont waste your precious time and money by joining with alpine center. Christine and philps are the program directors of this valueless college and they are fugitives, they were accused for human trafficing, click on the below link


To join with cruise line just need experince in a star class hotel so do not be deceived by these people. Futher they dont even have contacts with cruise line.

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