[Resolved]  Theft, Rape, Snatching — Theft and Snatching near Alpine Eco Apartments

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Hi Sir,
I am a resident of Alpine eco apatments, in doddenkkundi, outer ring road, Bangalore. There have been a number of instances of theft, Snatching, rape near the Railway track that passes from that area. A gang of 5 to 6 people stop passer by on bike, cycle, car and snatch everything from them. recently my cook was subjected to such an incident. we came to know of incidents where a girl was raped at 4 PM while she was returning from school and walking back home. There has been instances where another resident of Alpine eco was asked to stop his car and looted of all his possessions. There is no police surveillance in this area.
Also on the service lane we see something like a red light area, where a lot of bisexual people stand daily. Kindly guide me to take appropriate steps in this regard as it is highly unsafe for people to live here.

Amber Agarwal

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