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I want to complaint about your relationship manager, bell gan who works at am bank branch taiping for her poor customer service and rude attitude towards the customers.

Due to the recent economic recession that leads to a dramatic decline in share and bond price, i am considering dropping the bond i bought previously. On 17th march, i had contacted bell at around 1200 hrs to enquire about the bond price before making the decision.

During that time, i asked her twice regarding the price of bond on earlier withdrawal charges. She told me that earlier withdrawal charges is 6% based on my bond buy-in price in the amount of rm15k (In my case). Despite worrying on the dropping price, i chose to hold onto my bond as her advice.

As the bond price continues to fall, i contacted her again on 18th march 2020 at 1800 hrs to enquire about the early withdrawal charges whether it is based on my bond price or current market value. But i been told that she already off duty, will have to wait till tomorrow morning to check on the pricing and to understand further. She responded to me in the next day at around 0900 hrs, but the information given was different from what she told me earlier. The charges are calculated based on the current market value. There was no reasonable explanation from her. She just mentioned that she overlooked and trying to push her responsibilities by saying that she already asked me to withdraw if i insist to take out the money. Due to her ‘overlook’, i lost more for trusting her and never withdraw my money earlier. I am wondering why as a experienced banker, she has such degree of mistake.

Based on the contract, either my mother or i can withdraw the amount at any branch. Hence, my mother went to the branch located at taiping for the withdrawal. When dealing with bell, she treated my mother with a very rude attitude. This was unforgivable. May i ask is this the way your staff to treat a customer?

On 20th march 2020, around 1700hrs, i asked her the net amount i was able to get back after all deduction as i am not sure whether there is additional charges or not in earlier withdrawal and i got my reply at 0900hrs, that 19th pricing yet to release and asked me wait til afternoon or evening. However, i get the pricing on 19th march 2020 at 2245hrs. She as a banker; as a insider, she told me she did not know the pricing as at 19th march 2020, until 1400hrs she unable to calculate for me yet she scolded me that she as a “front liner” & was in stress as take her life at risk at this moment but i am not considerate about her. She never tried to calm down and explain to me patiently that need to wait for the official receipt or pricing just can know the exact amount at first and now she blamed that i never think from her perspective.

I am extremely disappointed with her unprofessional behavior.

Please respond promptly on this matter. Thank you

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