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My credit worthiness, I believe, is near perfect.

I barely ever touch my available credit limits.

I always pay my monthly credit card outstanding amounts in full.

I am debt free.

Yet, I don’t have a particularly great score (758 on CIBIL).

My complaint is with American Express. They believe and act like they provide a great service…but they don’t. They hire well speaking Agents who are always professional.

However, if the systems and process don’t connect with the well meaning agents, things fall apart.

In my case, I have had 3 instances where I have been delayed in making payments (always the full amount). EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM IS WITH AMERICAN EXPRESS. Surprisingly, I seem to make payments with every other credit card I own. But it is a different experience with AMEX!!!

Why??? B/c I never get statements from them. They claim to send it to my email ID…but I never get it!! Admittedly, they send SMS’. But honestly, I don’t check SMS’. The world is moving on! I check emails. Other banks reliably send their emails. I simply don’t seem to connect with AMEX

Of course I have spoken to CUstomer Service several times on this. But to no avail.

I stopped using AMEX out of protest (Rs. 2-3 lacs spend per month…and paid in full). Then..they charged me ANnual Fee…but I ddidn’t get a statement.

BANG!!! My payment is late and this is reflected in my credit history.

I absolutely hate AMEX. I have nothing but bad things to say about them to all my colleagues. This from a person who has loyally and continually had one since 1993 (starting in the US)

I am the CEO of a Company here in India…and we have Corporate Cards with AMEX. I am in protest going to shut them down and switch to another Bank. Not that my business going to affect them…but I don’t care!!!

I can’t accept a company that talks “good customer service” but is actually very bad at it. I can’t accept Customer Service that doesn’t link technology and processes (critical components of modern service) effectively with the Agents that actually are providing the service.

I can’t in good faith recommend AMEX to any one. I can’t in good faith give AMEX the benefit of doubt and continue to use them.

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