Anand Institute Of Higher Technology — Inappropriate behavior of the principal dr. K. Nalini joseph of anand institute of higher technology.

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I wish to bring your kind notice about the inappropriate behavior of the Principal Dr.L.Nalini Joseph of Anand Institute of Higher Technology.

1.She has been torturing the students as well as the staff members by conducting coaching class until 7.30 P.M. She has not positive outlook in developing students career. She is hell bent in harassing students and staffs.

2. She has a habit of traumatizing and abusing the staff members in such a way that they were forced by her to resign their job. (Nearly seven staffs from mechanical dept including HOD and six from rest.)

3. She always has the habit of treating the staff members as low as slaves. He had asked the student to attend a special classes after the last working date was announced by the Anna University.

4. She doesn’t allow a student of EIE dept to attend university practical examination for not paying bus fees and he also forced by her to pay 10, 000 as immediate fine in an hour for allowing him to attend the lab .

5. She pressured a staff member to imprison a student in lab by locking the door and forcing him to attend the coaching class after the college working hour had over.

6. As many staff members were tortured and forced to give the resignation, final year students find more difficulties in choosing guide for final year project. If new staffs were recruited how they will know the stuff of the students?

7. All our present staff members have huge industrial reference. If they were sent out, students cannot get any benefit in future.

8. She is totally concentrated in getting result % and thus torturing all o[censored]s and not caring about students practical and mental development.

9. Presently our college is lacking of senior staff members who were the guiding pillars of students.

10. Model exam was scheduled on Sundays too and making the hostel students to stay and not allowing them to go home even for pooja holidays.

We find her to be an unfit Principal and not having the flair or capacity to manage. We request you to take strict action on this Principal and if the students have to suffer at her hands we will all continued to be discouraged the performance of every individual will see a downward slide which will in turn bring disrepute to the esteemed university and also act as blot on the future of the students and their progress in nation building.

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