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The everyday newspaper which people rely on has written misinformation regarding global superstar BTS. A south korean boy group consisting of 7 members Rm, Jin, suga, j-hope, jimin, v and jungkook.

First of all let me point out that because of BTS the world is in a better place and many lives have changed because if them. And the first and foremost thing how can newspaper even publish such disrespectful things about a band that has saved millons of lives and also spoken at UNICEF and during this pandemic saved millions of lives by donating and also donated to black lives matter. And if talking about fans then let me clear out one thing ‘army matched a million’ with BTS donated for black lives matter which tollywood actor dev also disrespected the black lives matter hastag. Who is he to disrespect such an important matter? And talking about ditching schools and mobile phones then one should speak about the toxic tollywood which has spreaded toxicity onto youths. BTS just stopped that toxicity from spreading more. And a band who’s being considered as the next generation ‘beatles’ although they are BTS and not any beatles, how dare a bengali newspaper is just mocking BTS and bts armys and treating them like ###S. We bts armys also can treat tollywood lovers like ### because in the end there is no fruit. I don’t like to judge but writing these about a band who is a global superstar and hit single dynamite topped the chart this year 2020. Moreover the writers should whom they are writing about, these shows how illeterate they are, using studies in a wrong way. Just do research about BTS and then publish something. You can’t beat bts or bts armys to stop loving each other. And let me say if you think you can stop us getting to BTS, stop listening to their music and only listen to tollywood ### which is not having base then you made a wrong mistake. We won’t stop loving k-pop. Atleast talents are there unlike tollywood, for those ###S students bunk their schools to watch movies, apply the actions in the real lives. K-pop is the pillar even if the people apply it in their lives, only artistic skills would show up.

That’s all i’ll not say much more than this otherwise a whole modern history would be produced. Writers please do enough research about global superstars, billboard hot 100 no.1 singers, grammy nominated artists BTS.

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