[Resolved]  Ananthapuri Hospitals At Trivandrum In India — Dr S Jayaram illegal injection and spy work

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Dear Friends,
Trivandrum is a my hometown and I am an NRI, living abroad. This year I underwent a treatment at Ananthapuri Hospital in Trivandrum, India. I was there for four months receiving treatment from Dr. S. Jayaram. When I was abroad, I had several issues with immigration department in that country. During the counseling, Dr. S. Jayaram asked me several questions regarding what had happened abroad. I am honestly saying, all such questions were unnecessary, this was not a part of the treatment but he wanted to know everything and he recorded my conversation. I did not tell him anything special that happened in that country. Dr. S. Jayaram had different objective and I do not know who he works for whether Ananthapuri Hospital or someone else. He probably was angry at me because I did not tell him anything special and I complained about the air condition . During the counseling he injected me several times without my awareness but end of the treatment he did not tell me what kind of medicine he had injected me with. What are the follow ups? Now I am fearing I may get any side effect or any disability. This all true and honest. If anyone has doubt, ask an Ayurveda doctor who worked with and assisted Dr. S. Jayaram in Ananthapuri Hospital. Patients whoever is planning to go to Ananthapuri Hospital be very careful, they cheated me after taking my money. I paid total RS 20000 to 25000.

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