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Membrane replacement done & invoice provided in Sep2020 but membrane worked only for 1 month & technician confirmed that there is problem with membrane & needs to be placed for only filtering 500 litres??? Membrane from AO smith is pathetic & also what abot the durability after paying 2100 for membrane. is the product defect or the servicemen installed the duplicate/used membrane??

The invoice states that the membrane is having warranty of 1 year . After repeated calls i am unable to get quick response from AO smith customer care & technician. Based on the invoice copy i am raising the consumer complaint & the problem is not solved from past1 month.

This is the repetitive problem for which the technician has changed the RO membrane but after changing the membrane & all the filters like sediment, Carbon, ART, RO membrane, 2 solenoid valves replaced, Flow restrictor changed, pipes changed twice & charged almost 7000 rs for parts & labour above 1000 which is excessive & also service is pathetic ( Invoice copies attached ). From past one month calling customer care & i am not getting support from AO smith & also from the technician which is pathetic from US company.??!!!

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