Apeejay School — worst teaching staff, unethical behavior of students, poor management and infrastructure.

Apeejay School Phone
+91 12 0251 5141
+91 12 0251 5143
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Apeejay School Address
Sector -16A, Film City, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India – 201301

Apeejay school is the worst school one can ever choose for his/her children. There are over 50 students per class per division. The teachers are really unsupportive and are just making the students write, instead of explaining them the concepts. When a child raises his hand for a doubt, he’s ordered to put his hands down and sit quietly in class! I’ve admitted two children of mine, to apeejay noida. One was from from delhi public school, noida, & the other one was from the millennium school, noida.in both of these schools, my children were being improved and enriched very nicely, but i felt apeejay would be better.
To my surprise, my children, who scored 86-90% marks in their previous classes got down to just 50-60% marks. At first, i thought apeejay’s level is difficult, but when i saw my children’s books, i was shocked! The whole book was made to write, but the teachers explained nothing!
Moreover, the students show very, very unethical behavior in school. They even whistle at the teachers! The school is just fooling people in the name of education.
I’ll also write a letter to the education department of india to officially close apeejay schools, because they really are of no use!

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