[Resolved]  Apeejay School, Noida — Bad management and poor teacher in primary dept.

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I have found Apeejay School, Noida as the worst school ever one can choose for his or her child. In Primary department, there are over 40 students in each class and not even one dedicated helper (maid) to help the teacher. When we find it difficult to handle our one or two kids, how does the school management expect one teacher to manage so many children alone. There is lot of frustration among teachers too and I know few teacher who are planning to quit because of this situation. It is also affecting the children. The teacher is hardly able to pay attention to the class and then the nursey incharge blames the child for being naughty. We have ourself seen teachers reacting very badly to a small mistake of any child. Becasue of no help the teachers are not able to even perform their routine duties. There is no check if the student is in the class or not… the child will be in play ground for hours together and the teacher will never come to know because if it is just impossible for one teacher to keep track of the activities of 40-45 children. The school just wants to take brilliant students. My child is very bright and active in class but we have seen his performance go down since the time he has joined this school. We never had this problem when he went to the play school (Mother’s pride) and to see if there was a problem with our child – during summer vacation I even put him in a summer camp and was in constant touch with the teacher to monitor how he is doing in the class. As expected, he was just like any other child in the class… we realised that it was because of lack of attention in the class (Appejay) that he gets distracted which is affecting his performance. The Nursery incharge says there is a problem with our child behaviour and we even consulted a child psychologist to check if there is anything wriong with our child. To our surprise all his test and ratings were normal and even the pyscholigist said that it is lack of personal attention in the school that is giving the child an opportunity to do what ever he wants. I am really regretting making such a bad choice for my child, I just hope the management gets to read this complaint and understand that they have an important role to play in a child’s overall development. Just opening a school and winning few tournaments doesn’t make the school “GOOD”, they should plan to improve the overall qaulity of education and support staff in the school.

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