Apollo Pharmacy — Misbehave by one staff to relative of Covid patient

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One of my well known person was suspected covid positive just 3 days ago as till date we had not received the report. So i had visited your Memari Apollo clinic for purchase of Scavista 12 tablets and mask as prescribed by Doctor. Your shop was maintining proper distance with customers with help of ribbon infront of table. While i asked the tablet and mask, other staffs politely told me that Sacvista 12 is not available and also they had just received new boxes of medicine and have to search wheather mask has come or not and request me to wait. I also agreed. But a person who was at cash counter just asked very badly that mask is not available and also asked ur another staff to say me to leave your premises. I was just shocked. How a medical staffs those who we called the Frontline Covid warrior can refuse a relative of a covid 19 patient to provide basic medicine???!!!. I am a old customer of Apollo. So think and take the pain to just write to you without marking any copy to Govt dept. Expecting your kind attention in such situation on these type of staffs. I really had a good experience with Apollo medicine shop everyrime.

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