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I am Dr.Arun general surgeon from annanagar.
i went to apollo pharmacy annanagar 18th main road on 25th may 2021 to get medications for my mother.
As i entered the pharmacy
pharmacist Mr.Sankar.S was sitting in a chair and writing something in a book.
I asked for a medications, without looking me he said its not available and kept on writing on his book.
I asked him this is how you treat your customer, he said i am busy right now.
I showed him my mci id card and told him i am
a doctor. Then he stood up and said there is no medications. As i asked him about different generic medicines, spontaneously he said he doesnt have those medications and kept writing on his book. I asked him to check in his computer about the list. which he denied again
I used to get a lot of complaints especially from this annangar branch about the rude behaviour of staffs from my patients and even from my parents.
today i have witnessed the same.
These kind of people contribute a mojor help for the society at this pandemic movement.
But here we see a bad example of people who serves for the community.
The pharmacist who cant even respect a doctor,
how is he supposed to be responsible enough
and serve the common man of India.
apollo pharmacy please take necessary action into these kind of ppl at pharmacy.
He has bought apollo pharmacy a very shame.
Bad work/ bad person / worst customer service.
i am attaching the id card of the employee.
thank you.



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