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(Forwarded email, was sent to concerned branch already)

Higher Management,
North Nazimabad Branch,

Dear Faculty Members,
This is Erum Khan, student of Batch 2102B1 .
I have taken admission to practise MS office 2016 .From the beginning, i have been telling your student counsellers that i need to start with basic and eager to practise this basic course.

I came to you, Sir Owais, four times and you were not present at the office, i was told that you will be available after 1 pm .I came to you as you asked me for Book with marked missing topics we did not cover in the class .
Nobody responded with solution till i came to tell my issue 5th day .
Miss Arooba has been wasting most of the time in class since beginning by ;

1) Doing jokes & fun in the class, and maximum half hour & sometimes 45 mins we study in every class in 2 hrs session.Class starts daily at 9:15 after the attendance.
2) I asked her regarding many topics which she has skipped and told we will practise in next class and she did not .
3) She was doing her official tasks in the class by giving us topic from book to practise ourselves and never covered those topics herself.
4) She did not teach us many topics from Ms word, Excel and Powerpoint (I marked) .She claims that we have completed in (7 classes).
5) Miss does not know official Ms office terms which my husband has been asking at home to explain .
6) She does not like students who ask questions and when she was asked, she made faces and answered it superficially after repeated questioning, ignored me and started jokes again with guys esp.

When she saw me in the students counselling office talking to miss Faiza, she came there and started hearing about complain .I left and she started personal attacks with me in next class on 13th feb, announced in class whether somebody wants to ask questions, repeatedly and offered questioning only to show other students that she wants to explain .

7) She gave us homework “what-if analysis” to study and study through internet, never covered in the class .She told us that there is vast learning on internet(youtube)and expecting us to learn from there.

8) Initial classes were missed due to repeatition and teaching new students, teaching them in the group, giving us topic to cover by ourselves from book.

9)On 13th feb, my husband(guardian) got complain that i misbehaved (after i have been complaining 5 times visiting office and nobody was talking about any solution till my 5th visit .
My guardian was calling to talk and even after 1 pm, he did not get response, on which i asked Miss kulsoom on my visit same day that why we are not we getting response.

a) I need proofs regarding you said that i misbehaved .
b) Was this the blame to cover your teacher complain and no management in the office i have been visiting again and again .

10) Also recently, She taught powerpoint presentation in 30 mins with no professional terms and sametime asked us to make presentation by copying and paste material from internet.She said that it is usually made in 10 mins .
So sir, i am learning from basic .I am not an epxert, there to learn .She made presentation for 2 students then, and asked them to update, gave other students topic on their choice as their presentation was already ready at home.
She did split my group and left me alone that said that if you did not understand powerpoint, send me presentation separately on email, i will give you marks, student she added in the group was not taking interest in the group and it went into fun also (will be discussed) as she was showing him that my group is not upto expectation .

Sir, am ready to appologize if i really misbehaved in center or if you prove it, have any witnesses, i am waiting to know please .

But please note this, i won’t study from this non-serious, unprofessional teacher doing adult jokes too in class ( i will mention on asking) from whom i did not learn .This is truth and not bad behaviour from me .My half month was wasted.
I did not come there to take certificate only.
I suggest if you give her classes regarding MS Office first.
I did not see serious approach to teach MS Office by her.
What the purpose o[censored]sing MS Office user interface is .

My guardian have paid fees and he has every right to know about the issues i have been facing .
Despite that i have been convincing him initially that i want to do more courses .

We were not taught about interfaces even which is very basic, i came to know when my husband started asking questions regarding interfaces and other practices i did not know .
I have lots of questions still unresolved regarding Ms Office .

Kindly, if you really understand my problem, change the teacher for me .
I need to study from an expert on MS office using official terms with right practice without wasting my time .
I really appreciate if this time you take things seriously.
My time is precious ! It was already wasted.

Thanking you in anticipation.


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