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Date: 10 apr 20
Total amount: 24.99

I was checking my bank account and saw credit card charges and 'non-sterling transaction fees' from the months of february, march and april 2020. These charges began after i ordered from compfy cup for menstrual cups on 8th february 2020 for $7.68 and never received the item. I have, however, been charged every month after that from the same company for different amounts.

08/02/2020 2 transactions of £ 3.84 with 2 non-sterling transaction fees of $0.11 on the 10/02/20. These payments were for the product i bought but i have never recieved it.

09/03/20 transaction of £11.47 with a non-sterling transaction fee of 0.34 on the 10/03/20. Another transation on the 10/03/20 of £11.61 with a non-sterling transaction of £0.35 on 11/03/20.

08/04/20 of £12.17 with a nonsterling transaction fee of £0.36 on 09/04/20. And another transaction of £12.10 on 09/04/20 with a non-sterling transaction fee of £0.36 on 10/04/20.

Frankly, i am pissed. I do not care about receiving the cup but i would like to stop being charged for nothing and expect my money to be refunded! I have contacted my bank and have disputed these payments. This is illegal. Please send me all my money back immediately

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