Ford — Bought new car, Got a repainted accidental car

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Bought new car, got an accidental repaired car
Tuesday, 26 October, 2010 7:27 PM
"Anubhav Gupta" <[protected]>
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I couldn't get hold of a better e-mail address to contact so i am writing it to you. If by any chance you are not the right person to contact for this issue, please do provide the e-mail of the person i need to contact for this. The issue is as follows:-

I bought a brand new Ford Endeavour 2.5 Tdci 4×2 from NCR Ford dealer located at Mathura road, Faridabad. I was given the delivery of the vehicle on Oct 18th 2010 and Pre-delivery inspection wasn't provided. Now today i noticed the paint fading of front bumper and side mouldings and difference in paint could easily be noticed by touching or visually, The paint has been virtually evaporated and one could easily see the blackishness on it. Even the surface is rough. One can easily judge by looking at it that it was repainted somewhere and someone did a really bad job in covering it. I seriously suspect the vehicle was involved in a frontal accident and to cover it dealer has repainted the bumper and mouldings in his premises. Somehow even the delivery of the vehicle was give to me in the night at 9:30 PM may be because i couldn't visually inspect that thing. Now when I approached the dealer for this i was encountered with one of the sales representatives over there who after seeing it said this is normal..I said what the heck??? He then called me a and said I don’t know anything about the cars and warned me that he will beat me up and throw away if I did not leave. I was shocked. Is this the kind of service I as in customer should i expect from automobile giant FORD??? It means i should pay 17.5Lakhs of hard earned money for an accidental car??

Now either refund my complete amount and i will look somewhere else or may be buy a Toyota Fortuner if this is a kind of pathetic services are provided by Ford or replace my just one week old car with a brand new car or compensate me accordingly. Please do reply as soon as possible. I want my complaint to be resolved as soon as possible as i want to end this peacefully and i want to co-operate. Please don't force me to go by the court way. I have already contacted my attorney and he said it is very easy in today's scenario. Also if i don't get any positive revert by tomorrow i am going to escalate it to and you can also refer to this community in case you are not aware of the recent case of Skoda India.

Looking forward for a positive response from you by tomorrow.

Anubhav Gupta
E-1/75, sector-11

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