Ford Endeavour Vehicle — Leakage of Diesel from the vehicle

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Dear Sir,

We have purchased the Ford Endevour – 4 x 4 AT on 29.3.2010 and the diesel is leaking from the vehicle, the tyre allignment also seems defective. But the showroom says it is not their responsibility to look into the matter and referred us to the workshop who gave us an appointment on 3.3.2010. Meanwhile the fuel is continuing to leak from below. We assume there is some manufacturing defect therefore we had requested the showroom that the vehicle should be changed telephonically and through email.
The details of the vehicle is given below:

1. Owner – Enemble Career Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

2. Registration No.: HR 99 EVT 0109 (Temp.)

3. Date of Purchase: 29th March, 2010

From company like Ford we do not expect such an apathetic attitude just after 3 days of the purchase of the vehicle.

Therefore we would request you to look into the matter immediately .
Expecting an early reply.

Thanking you

Ensemble Career Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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