Ford Fiesta 1.4 Exi Petrol — FORD FIESTA AC Problem

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I am having a Ford Fiesta 1.4 EXI. This car is aged about just 4 years and clocked 43000 kms.

Strangely it has developed some problem in the Air Conditioning System which the Service Guys are not able to detect at CAPITAL FORD,Bhubaneswar,Orissa.

First I was informed that it has a leak in Cooling Coil which has to be replaced. On investigating for 2 days and replacing the cooling coil the Service engineer says that the compressor is having trouble which has to be replaced also.

I am surprised for a Ford Car having such major troubles in AC in just 4 years and 43000 kms. Whereas i have never faced any such issues in any other Car i Own. This accounts for major repairing charges which is not expected for a car of this age and brand.

I would therefore request the FORD COMPANY to consider this as a manufacturing issue and repair the same.

As i have observed from several owners and their blogs this has been faced by many Ford car owners i.e Ford Fiesta and have been reported to the MD as i have done.

This is the responsibility of the Manufacturer to resolve these issues after recieving such complaints of similar kind from different Owners and rectify the faulty part.

Ford being a recognized brand should respond to such complaints and take the responsibility to replace the spare on company's cost.

These issues have tarnished the reputation of a Ford Car and gives an wrong impression on Ford Products.

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