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I bought FORD FIESTA in JUNE 2007 with extended warranty upto JUNE 2010. In November 2009 my car went for service at NCR FORD, Faridabad alongwith faulty power window. As Power window motor was faulty and it was under warranty, dealer agreed to replace it.Next day when I went to pick up my car i was informed that power window was not in stock and i will have to wait for 3 days.I took my car immediately and was assured that i will be informed when motor will come in their stock.Later on when i contacted them regularly i was assured that it will be replaced in next service.When today i went to NCR FORD, Faridabad alongwith the letter issued by NCR which indicates that Power Window is to be replaced, I was surprised to see that Power Window motor is missing from my car.Also the person who commited has left the job.
Now this a clear case of cheating done by FORD Dealer and I would request you to kindly get my Power Window replaced by FORD.

An early action will be highly appreciated.
Sumit Gupta-[protected]/[protected]

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